3 months, 13 days into 2015


I started the year with a stiff knee from December injuries. I was to travel to Abu Dhabi on the 7th along with winners of a dance competition at where I worked. I was eager as this was my first time leaving Nigeria after a long time.

The cold breeze that embraced me when i stepped out of the airport shook me. What! So the middle east could be this chilly? I doubt i brought inner shirts sef. SMH, i must have read the weather report wrongly. Zoom!

Hotel. We were booked at Aloft Abu Dhabi hotel. Check in and all that brouhaha, I had press releases to type and send about our arrival and mission; we were to attend the Abu Dhabi international dance festival. Come see my room Continue reading


2014. After 4 months in 2015

2014 was a good year. A lot happened. Some I can’t remember so I remember too vividly.

January 2014

I left Lagos for Aba where i had been posted for my NYSC. Arriving in Aba, I made to stay at an hotel(can’t remember the name right now). There was this girl there: Funbi. I lied about not having money so she offered her room! Yayness abi. That would be a mistake almost too long. While in Aba, I broke one of the bigger stories of that part of the year. Banky W supposedly sucking on a girls breasts caught on camera. I also taught Computer studies at a secondary school. SMH. The worst is teaching Igbo kids.

I ended up staying in Aba for a month(during that time, I knew i had to get back to Lagos and face my work or become jobless) so I left my place of primary assignment in search of greener pastures. I returned to Lagos now a proud owner of a situationship and a few words of ibo. I was better off with my trip to the airport. In December 2013, I had gotten lost.

February 2014

I resumed back at my work as an Continue reading

Time Out x Be Happy

Didn’t go to work yesterday. Why? I was feeling gorgy and a tad out of sorts. Anyway, decided to go see a movie; I saw ‘guardians of the galaxy’. Not a bad movie

Then headed to see my boiz and ended up at a bar where we got drunk. Lol. It was good to let my hair down middle of the week

Here’s my last weekend in pictures

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Treat my body well x Higher Level

Been a week or two I wrote on here. Since that time I have gone shopping, met with the startup guy and eaten so many things. I am gaining weight seriously. My boss mentioned it today, I need to do something about it sharp!

Got a busy weekend. Saturday, I have to be in class 10am to 4pm then be at Ajah for a gig by night. Sunday, class by 2pm and then a dinner by 5pm

Thats all

Beard Gang x Dieting

I started a diet yesterday. Not exactly a diet per se but I’m eating and taking note of what i eat. I have also decided to start a 60 day exercise routine by tomorrow; hoping I go through with it. It will involve me running, push-ups and slight work.

In the process, I think I might keep my beard for a bit.


Photo credit: murdocklondon

Weekend is here! Turn up things start at Quilox, meeting with the startup guy on Saturday and my sisters birthday at the beach on Sunday! #Ourturnup is different.

My current playlist

Dammy Krane – Amin

Igho ft Orezi – Find You

Tay – Passport Mixtape

Mojeed – Westernized West African

Binge Eating x Nigerian Startups

In the past weeks, i have become interested in tech startups between being interested in digital media, watching Digits and Young CEO on NdaniTV and stumbling on different articles in the progress. I am no techy but i love a darn good story and wouldn’t mind being part of one(startup). My high school friend Segun is currently on that path, i have scheduled a meeting with him hoping to get involved in some way. I am interested in the PR though and also the strategies involved in selling his product. I help with the release and publicity of styljunki back in 2012 and one of the founders tell me they are moving into a beta level of monetizing. (see i have started using tech words).

I am currently at the office with work to be done. Work shelved from last week and work piled from this week.  Continue reading